Certificates of Origin

NAFTA Certificates of Origin

Failure to have valid documentation at the time of importation may result in denial of preferential treatment and an increase of duties.

It is our experience that companies have difficulty obtaining Certificates of Origin from both international and domestic vendors. International Customs Services will contact your vendors to obtain valid Certificates of Origin and Blanket Certificates of Origin for your files. Included in this service, we will maintain a copy of your vendor file to ease in obtaining next year's certificates. This service frees your personnel for more productive issues.

Importers and exporters must retain Certificates of Origin as part of their recordkeeping. The retention period is 5 years for:

   Certificate of Origin
   Blanket Certificate of Origin

  • Valid for identical goods

  • Valid for a maximum of 12 months

  • The exporter must be able to certify that the goods qualify for preferential treatment.

  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin

  • GSP Declaration of Origin
    CBI Declaration of Origin
    ATPA Declaration of Origin

Certificates not required:

  • Port director, in writing has waived the requirement

  • Commercial importation with a value not exceeding $2,500 with a signed attached statement certifying the product qualifies for preferential treatment.

  • Non-commercial importation of a good