Duty Drawback and NAFTA Drawback

Substitution - Unused - Manufacturing

Manufacturing Substitution - Destruction

U. S. Customs Service since 1789 has allowed Duty Drawback. Duty Drawback is a claim for refund of duties paid on import of a product into the United States and subsequent export or destruction of the same or commercially interchangeable product. Many companies do not take advantage of this process and subsequent refunds of duties because of the paperwork involved. Does your company?

Import products
Export the same products unused
Use imported products in manufacturing

Export the manufactured product
Destroy Imported product

Refunds which may be due you:

  • Import duties

  • Marking duties

  • IRS taxes attached on importation

International Customs Services, Inc. will:

  • Review your account (both electronic and paper) 

  • Determine your eligibility for Duty Drawback. 

  • If eligible, file the claims for you;- or -
    assist you with the required paperwork.

Records pertaining to the filing of a drawback claim must be retained for 3 years after the payment of such claim.